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                                   Early Childhood Care ECC




“St Kliment Ohridski” University – Bitola (UKLO – is the second oldest state University in the Republic of Macedonia and the most important institution in the area of higher education in the south-western region of our country.

UKLO is seated in Bitola, but some of the University higher-education and scientific-research units are located in several centers different than Bitola, like, Prilep, Ohrid, Skopje, Veles and Kichevo.

Since its foundation (1979), UKLO has provided HE for over 30 000 graduate students. Currently, it operates with a number of about 12 000 students in the system, and approximately 2 500 newly enrolled students per academic year. Today UKLO is among the medium-sized, comprehensive universities, offering a variety of first, second and third cycle studies, in the fields of Economics, Technical Sciences and ICT, Biotechnical Sciences, Tourism, Education, Health Care, Law Studies, Security and Administration.

UKLO of today, in the light of its 35 years of activity, is composed of 12 units – 10 faculties, one higher vocational school and a scientific institute:

UKLO units provide full coverage of the specific academic offer (academic and vocational studies) of 56 first-cycle (Bachelor) and about 72 second-cycle study programs (56 Master + 16 specialist) and 19 accredited three-year Doctoral studies, producing highly educated staff, compatible to the national and international labor market demand.

The UKLO structure is supplemented by two more scientific and research institutes, unique in their kind, as well as the University Library and the Students’ Dormitory, as accompanying members:

The mission and strategy of UKLO, as well as those of its units as components of its integrity, is to build a university of the highest quality, open to the needs of the country the region and wider. Academic studies prepare highly competent professionals for performing public social activities, for inclusion in the overall business environment and vocational studies provide the students with vast knowledge and practical, applicable skills needed for performing professional tasks, and guarantee immediate inclusion in the working process.

In a rapidly changing world, UKLO strives to keep up with the latest trends in yet another area of priority – that of internationalization which understands signing bilateral cooperation agreements with renowned universities worldwide, entering relations of cooperation for the purpose of realization of international academic and scientific-research projects, participation in EC-funded programs providing grounds for student and staff mobility and similar forms used to increase the overall visibility of “St Kliment Ohridski” University – Bitola on the international higher education institutions map.

  • UKLO is member of EAU, IAU and MAGNA CHARTA signatory.
  • UKLO has 45 agreements for bilateral cooperation signed with universities from the region, EU member countries and wider in the world.
  • UKLO, from the very opening of the Program, participated in 55 TEMPUS programs. 
  • UKLO is a Consortium member of two of the current ERASMUS MUNDUS consortia, the projects– BASILEUS and SIGMA, and the previous EM2STEM.
  • UKLO participate in 4 projects in the frame of FP7 program.
  • UKLO holds an ERASMUS UNIVERSITY CHARTER since April 2009 (EUC No. 255200-IC-1-2009-1-MK-ERASMUS-EUC (ERASMUS Code: MK BITOLA01) and has signed 13 inter-institutional agreements with EU partners.
  • UKLO also participates in 3 projects funded by the IPA-CBC program.