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Higher Medical School – Bitola


 The Higher Medical School was established on March 28th 1988, within the “St.Kliment Ohridski” University, as Higher Medical training School, specilaized in two-year training courses. In academic 2002/2003 it was transformed itself into Higher Medical School.


Study programs

The First Study cycle in the Higher Medical School, lasts 3 academic years or 6 semesters (180 ECTS) and is organised within the following studying programs:


  • study program – General Medical Nurse
  • study program – Midwife
  • study program – Medical – Labaratory Analysts
  • study program – Physiotherapists
  • study program – Radiologic Technicians

Within the Higher Medical School, the following study programs of the Second Study cycle – Specialized Vocational Studies, which last 2 semesters (60 ECTS) have been accredited:

-Study program – General Medical Nurse:

  • specialization in intensive care
  • specialization in surgical instruments
  • specialization in family and home care
  • specialization in gerontology and palliative care
  • specialization in mental health

- Study program – Midwife

  • specialization in perinatal care
  • specialization in primary health care

- Study program – Physiotherapists

  • specialization in neurology rehabilitation
  • specialization in psychiatry rahabilitation
  • specialization in child rahabilitation
  • specialization in home rahabilitation
  • specialization in surgery, traumatology and orthopedics rahabilitation

- Study program – Radiologic Technology

  • specialization in biochemical analysis
  • specialization in microbiological analysis
  • specialization in sanitary ecology