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logo2Early Child Development Consulting & Research – ECD-COR was created on 1st of Aprli,1999 as Center for family, motherhood and childhood support (CFMCS ). On January 14 , 2010 , CFMCS changed the name in a association of freewill citizens

Early Child Development Consulting & Research – ECD-COR




  • We are guided by a holistic view of young children’s development – to realize their developmental potentialb and a belief that the most appropriate care for young children comes from their parents, families and communities.


  • All children have access to a safe and accessible, high quality early childhood education that includes a developmentally appropriate curriculum knowledgeable and well-trained program staff and educators and comprehensive services that support their health, nutrition, and social well-being, in an environment that respects and supports diversity.
  • All early childhood professionals are supported as professionals with , ongoing professional development opportunities
  • All families have access to early childhood education programs that are affordable and of high quality and actively participate in their children's education as respected reciprocal partners.
  • All communities, states, and the nation work together to ensure accountable systems of high-quality early childhood education for all children.

Area of expertise

  • Providing resources, information and support to parents, child care providers and the community;
  • Setting and publicizing standards that promote excellence in early childhood education and early childhood professional preparation;
  • Supporting early childhood programs by working to achieve a high-quality system of early childhood education;
  • Improving professional practice in early childhood education;
  • Providing pro-active leadership in the community with regard to matters concerning broad child development and child care issues, through multi sector, coordination, collaboration and planning, and by dissemination of public information
  • Providing research and implementation of innovative practices in early childhood in order all children to accomplish their full developmental potential including children with special needs and vulnerable children

Organizational goals and strategies

Advocacy, network and information
The main strategy goals is recognition of the importance and significance of holistic and right - based approach in developing, straitening, maintenance and monitoring ECD system.
Communicating credible and accurate knowledge to influence public decision-making that affects children’s learning, behavior, health and general well being.
Its primary objective is to analyze and integrate existing knowledge from multiple sources and to communicate material in a clear and consistent way through working papers, invited presentations, and collaborative projects.

Increase the coverage of ECD Programms, particularly among rural, poor and disadvantage population.


Ensuring that children at risk can access the services

Aimed to expand the services to reach the most vulnerable groups of children through the increase capacity among caregivers, community leaders, local authorities and ECD service providers. Knowledge translation in order to improve policy environment conductive to better child developmental outcomes and its impact on the lives of children.In partnership with national and local self –government bodies, local NGO and international organizations ( UNICEF) to improve community level management capacity in the promotion of child well-being as both a moral responsibility and an important social and economic investment in our nation’s future.

The scope of strategy implementing activities

  • Organizing conferences,seminars and workshops;
  • Develop and implement research and action projects;
  • Publication of books, manuals and brochures;
  • Performance expert-consultative activities;
  • Prepare policy analysis and reports.